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lanigera Chinchilla Bella (RIP my sweet girl)

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Gender: Female
Age: 44
Last Activity: 97 month(s) ago
Location: Carmel, New York
Country: United States

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Bambie RIP my little Peanut :(
Ferret, mustelidae

Hamster, dwarf

Bella (RIP my sweet girl)
Chinchilla, lanigera

Ferret, mustelidae

Hamster, gray/long hair

Ferret, mustelidae

Nibbles(RIP)little one
Ferret, Mustelidae

Hamster, black

Ferret, mustelidae

Spritie-RIP-mom misses her angel:(
Chinchilla, lanigera

Stinky(RIP)baby girl
Ferret, mustelidae

Pet: Bella (RIP my sweet girl)

Name Bella (RIP my sweet girl)
Nickname Bellie Bell/NuNu
Species Chinchilla
Breed lanigera
Pet Clubs: Chinnie Chin Chins
The pampered pet
Gender Female
Hometown Yonkers/Carmel NY
Country United States
Zipcode 10512
Birthdate 2002-05-10
Weight 700g
Favorite Activity chewing anything I can
Favorite Park I like my home so I don't usually leave it
Favorite Food pellets and hay
Favorite Treat I like most anything given to me
Favorite Toy I enjoy chewing on sticks/baskets&bird toys
Best Trick I know my name and follow people around. Tossing toys and treats I don't like too :)
Worst Trick peeing on mom
Favorite Moments being held and getting all the treats I want. Running free in the house :)
Embarassing Moments being called Choo-Choo & handsome for2yrs.
Likes having jaw line rubbed/wheel/being held
Dislikes being forced to be held/other animals
My First Day Home alittle confusing,but I figured I'll give them a chance
Awards #1 Bella
Bio Bella was a sweet girl and I miss her very much. The house is very quiet and sad without her :(

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Sep 08, 2007 Too many treats! 0 Comments
Jul 17, 2007 Think again! 0 Comments

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Posted By: Bubblelistic 2008/12/24 01:00:32 AM
hey! I love your name!

Posted By: Princess 2008/03/25 07:17:15 PM
Hey my mom has those same glasses! haha. Yeah raisins are the bomb! :)

Posted By: Princess 2008/03/21 04:26:16 PM
Hi there! :)

Posted By: Raulph 2007/10/06 03:39:39 AM
Your so cute aswell

Posted By: CoCo (RIP) 2007/08/31 07:06:02 PM
Come see my new pics :)

Posted By: CoCo (RIP) 2007/08/30 09:57:55 PM
Grandma can't believe how big I am! I am literally 4 times the size I was when I was born and am only 2 weeks old. I took my first dust bath and enjoyed it... can't wait for my first raisin :)

Posted By: Alvin 2007/08/16 12:03:33 AM
lol it says we have sent too many emails today so I guess I will have to response to that last one tomorrow morning:(

Posted By: Alvin 2007/08/08 09:39:10 AM
LoL its ok my fiance is the same way. Yeah if you give me your email I will send the pics b/c she hasn't uploaded them to her site yet.

Posted By: Alvin 2007/08/07 10:46:15 AM
Wow atleast he is handy though. Charles prob could do things like that but he is soo lazy. I have the pictures of the houses from forchinate if you want me to forward them to you. They are so cute:)

Posted By: Alvin 2007/08/04 09:15:30 PM
oh no lol I was talking about wooden houses for the cage. Sorry! We are getting a huge order from them though. Mom got her cage free so it was cool. Its pretty big but it is so loud when Alvin runs cuz it shakes so much. How did he build a cage?

Posted By: Alvin 2007/08/03 08:39:14 AM
Oh mom is ordering the new two story house and hammock from Forchinate! We ended up never recieving our hammock so we are going to try again :-p

Posted By: Alvin 2007/07/24 08:25:43 AM
Yeah my mom and her sister in law love the new girls. They went back to the store and got our sister that they mistakenly seperated instead the sick one we got. Their short lives are hard to accept but my mom loves them too much to not have one.

Posted By: Alvin 2007/07/24 08:25:32 AM
I haven't fought with any of them, but I have only been over there one time. I am planning on taking a trip again soon :) The bunnies prob. won't like me b/c they use to fight bobo our other bunny who died.

Posted By: Alvin 2007/07/22 09:44:06 PM
Mom could not believe they did not notice it was sick before they gave it to us. Now we are worried the other two will get the same thing:(

Posted By: Alvin 2007/07/22 09:44:01 PM
Well the funny thing is, I lived at my daddy's house. My mom still lives with her family at home while she's in college. All my buddies are over there. The new hammies we got unfortunately one died last night. It was so sad.

Posted By: Alvin 2007/07/22 09:43:37 PM
Yeah alot of people make fun of my mom b/c she gets so sad when one of us dies or she tries to save us. Its so awful. Yeah people need to wake up and realize how awesome we are!!!!

Posted By: Alvin 2007/07/21 08:36:05 PM
You like that stuff?? I would never thought that! My mom and her sister just adopted 3 sister hammies today. I love them :) I want to go outside...do you?

Posted By: Apple 2007/07/21 05:14:10 PM
I was kind of sad wearing it, and felt a little depressed. My parents had to force feed me for about a month, but I'm fine now and I started eating on my own again. =)

Posted By: Apple 2007/07/21 05:12:59 PM
Well I had broken my led just before Christmas last year. It got caught in my ladder and I panicked, and tried to escape, but accidently broke it. =( My parents took me to the vet right away, and I had to wear a pink cast for almost 2 whole months.

Posted By: Alvin 2007/07/21 02:11:09 PM
Yeah I dont seem to want to even bite them or even take them from my mom. I will def try some of those cranberries. My mom is going to put in an order with her next check! yay!! What other treats do you like?

Posted By: Apple 2007/07/20 11:48:47 PM
at least you have a nice cuddly teddy bear. =D you're cute!

Posted By: Apple 2007/07/20 04:38:39 PM
I'm ok.... Still moody as always. My and my roommate are cuddling right now. =D How are yoU???

Posted By: Alvin 2007/07/20 11:15:59 AM
No she got the rose hips but I donít like those. Maybe Iíll have to try the cranberries!

Posted By: Alvin 2007/07/20 11:15:44 AM
Awww! You know my dad wonít let my mom get a ferret b/c they smell. It doesnít bother her!!! But for now sheís working on getting a friend for me! The hammock is suppose to be here by Friday. Stupid post office messed up.

Posted By: Alvin 2007/07/18 09:22:26 AM
Aw yeah my mom wishes she had a ferret too! She is all about rescuing too! Yeah those flavor wood treats are amazing! I love them:)

Posted By: Alvin 2007/07/17 08:10:08 AM
I don't know if I will ever get a friend. But I know my parents want a different colored one. Maybe I will someday tho

Posted By: Alvin 2007/07/17 08:09:36 AM
Omg I got my order from Forchinate! They are amazing! I was going to town on my fruity wood toy! Thanks for telling my mom about them!

Posted By: 2007/07/16 07:52:57 PM
i am ok...ust enjoying summer while it last..=)

Posted By: Alvin 2007/07/16 12:18:22 AM
LoL sorry..I nipped my mom's mother in law the other night. I thought she was food :-p. But I seem to be more attentive to my dad as well.

Posted By: Alvin 2007/07/16 12:17:29 AM
Aw that sounds so sad. I nipped my mom

Posted By: 2007/07/15 07:04:55 PM
hey bella hows it goin? <# x0x0! Bellina!!

Posted By: Alvin 2007/07/13 01:40:35 PM
Aw thx:) Mom got bored at work. Yeah I have been really hyper lately and maybe its cuz i need more exercise :-p You nipped your mom??

Posted By: Mocha 2007/07/12 11:34:54 PM
LOL your sister is weird... maybe she just needs to get used to it... Kemper & I had to chew on ours before we would even stand on it

Posted By: Alvin 2007/07/12 08:17:53 AM
It was so weird when my mom picked me up the other day I was being so squimmish and trying to get away. I have never done that before..but Idk why I did it.

Posted By: Alvin 2007/07/11 11:34:25 AM
Actually this is a question for bella and mocha. Do you guys ever get really skiddish sometimes for no reason?

Posted By: Alvin 2007/07/11 11:33:53 AM
Yay:) thats good to know. I am always hot so I keep to my cold things. I even sleep on my wheel cuz its cool. Maybe in the winter time I will though. My mom hasn't had me long enough to know

Posted By: Mocha 2007/07/10 11:14:46 PM
I've never really felt the summer heat because mom has always kept us cool

Posted By: Mocha 2007/07/10 11:13:27 PM
Yeah we are spoiled too with out own ac and a fan... as for liking the heat, we like to sit on the heater during the winter months and toast ourselves :)

Posted By: Alvin 2007/07/10 08:08:30 AM
Yeah I know home depot has the marble slates and thats a good idea but I was on a shopping spree at petsmart and grabbed a bunch of things for him! So def check out home depot or lowes like mocha said. I don't make any noises :( My mom thought I would tho

Posted By: Mocha 2007/07/10 01:46:34 AM
opps... saw your posts on the chinchiller on Alvin's page and wrote to you about it on that page and not on yours, so check it out for some good tips for keeping chins cool... Kemper almost had heat stroke in 2005 and mom had to care for him special

Posted By: Mocha 2007/07/10 01:36:32 AM
It's funny you got a roomate like I got one, I had a hard time adjusting to Bruno since I was so used to Kemper, he and I used to chat all the time and snuggle, Bruno is still a baby and driving me crazy!

Posted By: Alvin 2007/07/09 06:23:53 PM
Yeah defintely look at it. Its great!! Do you ever make any noises?

Posted By: Alvin 2007/07/09 10:38:17 AM
Oh its the best thing ever! Its like a lil slat of marble that you stick in the freezer for maybe 10 min and get it nice and cold and it keeps chins really cool. I do rolls all over mine and rub my face all over it. It stays cool too!

Posted By: Alvin 2007/07/08 10:07:40 PM
Yeah we got the email :) Its all good. She doesn't get on the computer much on the weekens b/c she is so busy. I didn't get my hammock yet and I'm getting excited. I want it so bad :)

Posted By: Alvin 2007/07/06 10:55:00 AM
Yeah I go crazy when my mom changes my cage. Is that webstore expensive? She loves to get me new stuff :) I still haven't gotten my hammock yet..we are getting anxious :-p

Posted By: Alvin 2007/07/05 08:13:59 AM
Oh you got yours? Aw I hope you use it cuz now I feel like I'm not going to like it. My mom tried to brush me too but I just ran away. I guess we are suppose to look funny :-p

Posted By: Alvin 2007/07/03 01:38:39 PM
Wow its a good thing that mom didnt get me a playmate. She was going to put another boy in with me. I can't seem to get all these furs sticking out of my coat to go away lol. I look like a crazed chinchilla. Not even the dust baths are working.

Posted By: Alvin 2007/07/02 02:10:48 PM
lol omg thats funny. I wish I had a playmate tho. Mom said dad won't let us have another right now :( Do you guys get along pretty good tho?

Posted By: Alvin 2007/07/02 08:13:01 AM
I have a ball but I don't like it. I get to run around in the bathroom though b/c last time I ran and hid in the fireplace and mom wasn't happy.I wish i liked the ball. Do you just sit in yours or do you move around?

Posted By: Alvin 2007/06/29 04:11:30 PM
lol my mom just ordered one for me two days ago. She was wondering if you liked it too :-p

Posted By: Alvin 2007/06/29 10:08:40 AM
No my mom didn't know I wanted one lol. Maybe she will get me one soon! Do you have a hammock?

Posted By: Apple 2007/06/26 11:10:36 PM
hmmm getting a teddy bear sounds like a good idea! last time my mom b ought me a stuffed ball and i never really liked it much.... but maybe a teddy bear will be more amusing! hehe!

Posted By: Alvin 2007/06/25 08:12:15 AM
Aw thanks:) My mom wants to put more pics up but I can't sit still for her :-p You have some cute pictures too tho!

Posted By: 2007/06/24 06:25:14 PM
Ya we doo!! :P thats k0ol. How are you

Posted By: Apple 2007/06/10 01:41:46 AM
I totally agree! =)

Posted By: Bruno Rocky Jr. (RIP) 2007/06/10 01:34:38 AM
Welcome to Petster! I see they imprision you in the evil plastic ball too!

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