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lanigera Chinchilla Spritie-RIP-mom misses her angel:(

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Gender: Female
Age: 44
Last Activity: 97 month(s) ago
Location: Carmel, New York
Country: United States

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Bambie RIP my little Peanut :(
Ferret, mustelidae

Hamster, dwarf

Bella (RIP my sweet girl)
Chinchilla, lanigera

Ferret, mustelidae

Hamster, gray/long hair

Ferret, mustelidae

Nibbles(RIP)little one
Ferret, Mustelidae

Hamster, black

Ferret, mustelidae

Spritie-RIP-mom misses her angel:(
Chinchilla, lanigera

Stinky(RIP)baby girl
Ferret, mustelidae

Pet: Spritie-RIP-mom misses her angel:(

Name Spritie-RIP-mom misses her angel:(
Nickname Spritsee
Species Chinchilla
Breed lanigera
Pet Clubs: The pampered pet
Gender Female
Hometown Yonkers/Carmel NY
Country United States
Zipcode 10512
Birthdate 2003-06-02
Weight 600g
Favorite Activity I love sitting in windows/on heaters/being free
Favorite Park I don't want to leave home,couldn't find way home
Favorite Food anything that doesn't have liquid on,I'll take it!
Favorite Treat birthday raisins/cherrios
Favorite Toy sticks/straw baskets
Favorite Shows no shows,just wires thank-you
Favorite Music what's music?
Best Trick my Tony Hawk kicks on doors I need to get into
Worst Trick I pee wherever they sit& on paper work
Favorite Moments being held late nite/getting treats&love
Embarassing Moments ran into veggie dip&needed a water bath-YUCK!
Likes being rubbed on jaw line/getting my way
Dislikes not getting my way/being told no
My First Day Home I was excited&nervous they seemed ok
Awards #1 Angel(by mom)
About Me I went from a petstore to a home w/a chin that wasn't too keen on me,but I was still interested. I do what I want and love my home.

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Jul 17, 2007 Welcome to my world 0 Comments

Spritie-RIP-mom misses her angel:('s Comments
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Posted By: Alvin 2008/03/14 12:21:31 AM
RIP little girl~ You will be missed dearly

Posted By: Riley 2007/09/09 05:55:48 PM
Yes I will get ALOT bigger:) So will my ears lol. Yeah chins vary in size though..it just depends on how their genes where formulated.

Posted By: Riley 2007/09/08 09:52:33 PM
Yep Yep! I was breed to have bigggg ears:) I love our ears hehe we are very cute

Posted By: Bruno Rocky Jr. (RIP) 2007/08/31 05:40:36 PM
Spoiled? For sure!

Posted By: Bruno Rocky Jr. (RIP) 2007/08/30 10:08:03 PM
Mmmmmmm... those crackers look good! :)

Posted By: CoCo (RIP) 2007/08/13 10:39:53 PM
Hi! My page is up and running, stop bye :)

Posted By: Bruno Rocky Jr. (RIP) 2007/08/12 02:57:27 AM
I am a new father! Mocha gave birth tonight to a baby! Mom didn't even know she was pregant and almost passed out. The baby is healthy and big and very curious! I am very proud :)

Posted By: Alvin 2007/08/09 11:58:07 PM
LoL he's right I really wouldn't know but hey its ok I have to explain why we named a hamster after a crab and my guinea pig princess sophia..But I love to know how pets get their names so i dont mind hearing :)

Posted By: Alvin 2007/08/09 08:38:01 AM
LOL thats cute:) I asked because I was reading about ferrets and thats the name of a spayed female ferret. I was like I didn't think she was that into ferrets that she'd name her Chin after a specific name lol

Posted By: Alvin 2007/08/08 03:03:26 PM
Where did your name come from by the way???

Posted By: Mini Mouse 2007/08/08 10:47:28 AM
I know what you mean! Anytime Mom has ANYTHING to eat, I beg real pretty! And have you ever heard of a dog that loves milk? Mom won't let me have it but I sneak some when I can!!!

Posted By: Mini Mouse 2007/08/07 08:31:45 AM
up half the neighborhood! I'm usually quiet as a mouse, but when that machine goes off, I'm louder than anyone in the house! I hope you have a great day! Ruffs and Licks, Mini

Posted By: Mini Mouse 2007/08/07 08:30:57 AM
sounds like we are trying to kill each other, but she knows that we are just playing around. Plus we love to howl at the answering machine when we hear the sound of stranger's voices invading our home. Mom has to yell at us to stop or else we could wake

Posted By: Mini Mouse 2007/08/07 08:29:38 AM
Hi Spritie! Our favorite game is to pretend like we are fighting. We play pretty rough with each other, biting each others legs and ears, but not biting hard to hurt each other. That would not be nice! And we growl a lot while we are doing it. Mom says it

Posted By: Mini Mouse 2007/08/04 02:24:30 PM
Hi Spritie! Pongo and I come from the same litter, so you could say we are like two peas in a pod! We do everything together! Do you have brothers or sisters?

Posted By: Bruno Rocky Jr. (RIP) 2007/08/03 08:11:57 PM
Thanks for the info on the ferrets... my ferret friend gets a bath once a week, maybe that is why she is smelly sometimes... they tod mom that Thor, being a husky, could only have a bath like twice a year because of his coat and skin type

Posted By: Mini Mouse 2007/07/30 04:54:51 PM
Hi Spritie! You have such pretty fur that I'm sure you don't need clothes. Yes, I do wear a harness and a leash when I go out, but only for my protection. I stay right next to or behind my Mom most of the time, unlike my brother Pongo who wants to run!

Posted By: Mini Mouse 2007/07/29 11:18:00 AM
Hi Spritie! Thanks for adding me as a friend. I've never been friends with a chinchilla before! You are very cute!

Posted By: Bruno Rocky Jr. (RIP) 2007/07/23 10:50:31 PM
We had a ferret cousin for about a week, she belonged to dad's sister as a surprise x-mas present, and lived in our room, but she was stinky and we ignored her... REALLY stinky... now she gets bathes though so she is ok

Posted By: Michico 2007/07/21 06:31:18 AM
I dont get lettuce because it can make rabbits get sick, but i love my herbs, i can eat a whole packed of them - rocket is my favorite. I also love millies and some bird foods :) i get raisins as treats - i think im getting abit fat from all the eating :)

Posted By: Michico 2007/07/20 04:39:37 AM
and you?

Posted By: Michico 2007/07/20 04:39:30 AM
I like sleeping under the bed in the day time, at night i lie infront of the heater,on my moms pillow on the bed or on the couch - where ever my owners are. I will sometime run up to them and give them kisses on the lips just to make sure they are there

Posted By: Michico 2007/07/19 05:38:44 AM
Hi, im good and you :) iv grown on my mommy so much, i dont have a cage so i run around the house and do whatever i want. when my mom comes home from work i love jumping on the bed to get a scratch and even take over the couch.

Posted By: Bruno Rocky Jr. (RIP) 2007/07/18 11:07:37 PM
Mocha loves the ball too... I hate it and will only sit in it and refuse to move... we used to run free all the time, but since in our new house and the new puppy mom keeps us safe and in the cage, thank goodness we have a BIG cage

Posted By: Mocha 2007/07/18 11:00:29 PM
When Kemper died I got a stuffed toy to sleep and cuddle with, when Bruno came home he didn't like to be alone so he got a little stuffed pooh bear to cuddle with... we both loved our snuggle buddies, but once we became roomates there was no room or need

Posted By: Pooki ~ in loving memory 2007/07/18 06:11:50 PM
Dear Spritie - My little body may be gone, but I'm watching over you and all the chin-chins in the world!

Posted By: Bruno Rocky Jr. (RIP) 2007/07/16 10:32:18 PM
What?! No more chins in your house :( you just need a taller cage and then you can get more friends LOL... our cage is wide and mom wants to buy us a tall tall one from Dr Fosters and Smith

Posted By: Mocha 2007/07/16 10:28:08 PM
Plus the cuddle cup is tasty... mmmmm... cotton fleece... yum

Posted By: Mocha 2007/07/16 10:27:18 PM
Ooooo Ooooooo we also have a cuddle cup... it was expensive in our petstore, but when Kemper passed away I was cold not havin a snuggle buddy so mom got it for me to keep warm

Posted By: 2007/07/16 07:54:40 PM
I am Good! =) How about you!! hope you are havin a fun summer! hope all is well....=) x0x0!! -Bellina!!

Posted By: Bruno Rocky Jr. (RIP) 2007/07/15 10:29:45 PM
PS mom took out the calendar and figured out my real birthdate to be Dec 2nd

Posted By: Bruno Rocky Jr. (RIP) 2007/07/15 10:28:32 PM
LOL sounds like you need a man-chilla in your life :)

Posted By: Mocha 2007/07/15 10:23:10 PM
Mom bought a heater at Big Lots that gets super warm and is cool to the touch, so we can sit on it and toast ourselves w/out getting burned :)

Posted By: 2007/07/15 07:06:01 PM
Hi! ----Pb!

Posted By: Pooki ~ in loving memory 2007/07/15 01:02:45 AM
Well, I'm not fond of Tiger. When he's come by my cage, I make noise to try to scare him away. As for Sophie, she's ok. She likes to stand on her back legs to check me out in my cage once in a while.

Posted By: Mocha 2007/07/14 06:38:19 PM
Bruno loves the window in winter time, it is nice and cold and he likes to cool off next to it

Posted By: Bruno Rocky Jr. (RIP) 2007/07/14 06:36:27 PM

Posted By: Pooki ~ in loving memory 2007/07/13 09:57:38 PM
A fellow princess! You're such a cutie!

Posted By: Bruno Rocky Jr. (RIP) 2007/07/12 11:37:27 PM
LOL the people at the petsore knew mom had other chins so they asked her to sex me and the other chin in the store so they would know... it was very embarrasing

Posted By: Bruno Rocky Jr. (RIP) 2007/07/10 11:09:12 PM
Mocha and Kemper celebrated theirs on the same date too

Posted By: Bruno Rocky Jr. (RIP) 2007/07/10 11:08:39 PM
The people at the petstore were duh when asked about Bruno's sex and age, but they figured him to have been in the petstore between 1-2 months, so mom figures my b-day to be in NOV, but mom will celebrate mine and Mocha's on the same date, Oct 28th

Posted By: Bruno Rocky Jr. (RIP) 2007/07/10 01:26:50 AM
LOL yeah Mocha is very calm and peaceful and I am the hell raiser! plus I had that whole peeing thing, no one was sure what I was doing... marking my spots? happy? nervous? naughty? i keep the humans guessing

Posted By: Michico 2007/06/29 04:29:00 AM
yes we must stick together :) my new favorite thing to do is sit ontop of my dads laptop bag :) I lve being higher up. I think im a queen

Posted By: 2007/06/24 06:27:02 PM
cool. ya.. we are cuter bol..

Posted By: Michico 2007/06/23 05:26:43 PM
You are very cute :)

Posted By: Bucky Jo Rogers 2007/06/10 08:00:18 PM
I Hope You Don't Eat Fish!

Posted By: Mocha 2007/06/10 01:39:39 AM
Welcome to Petster!

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